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All dishes are prepared under the direct supervision of our own Chef Daphne', who pays close attention to all of your food desires, cravings, wants, even allergens, and dietary needs.  Your meals are prepared with the highest quality of ingredients, from fresh vegetables, to fresh meats, and seafood all locally sourced.  Your meals are prepared with the healthiest cooking methods.  (Romertopf (pot made of clay) pictured left, healthier way to cook everything from vegetables, chicken, beef, pork, even seafood.)

Find out why so many people have us cater to them.

From the moment the food arrives, delicious smells of beautifully prepared dishes fills the atmosphere.  The details are all covered, from unique dinnerware, to professionally prepared foods that are both healthy and delicious.

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Charles D.

May 16, 2019

Beautiful delivery, great food, beautiful chef, all on time.

Our staff practices for perfection of flavorful foods.!

Our mission is to provide the best experience of life's simplest pleasures, of eating healthy foods, that taste delicious, and catered professionally to our guests.  It begins by knowing what our guest's desires and bringing those thoughts to the table. Prepared with a variety of unique spices, and seasonings, we cater to your tastebuds while nurturing your body.  The professional and down south hospitality is so special that you will want to enjoy it again and again.

Reward Yourself!

We look forward to catering for all of your special events, weddings, corporate meetings, and public or private parties.  Our menu options allow you to customize your meal to what you truly desire to eat.  Contact us today and begin to enjoy our professional down south hospitality with authentic soul food options that are always a crowd pleaser.  

This is just the beginning

Onyx Catering Company is the dream of Chef Daphne'.  Her philosophy is that dishes can be prepared healthy and still be delicious.  Family owned, and originally from the state of Tennessee, Onyx Catering Company caters a variety of authentic southern foods, that will more than satisfy on any occasion.  The reason WHY?  We do it all, from fresh salads, mac & cheese, greens, beans, spinach, broccoli, carrots, mashed or baked potatoes, baked or fried chicken legs, wings, breasts, thighs, baked or grilled steaks, even baked salmon, shrimp and homemade desserts too..  Want something different?  Just let us know, we cater to you.

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Destanie P.

August 31, 2018
OMG that food was great....